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  2. mpaglialonga:

    Ma booty

    Beatiful ass. I wanna jiggle the *fuck* out of it

  3. dewittdailydoesit:

    Marcus Mojo + James Jamesson = BONERS FOR EVERYONE.

    Why the fuck is there a dog barking in the background? lol

  4. I’d gladly trade all them other hoes for you

  5. I love where we get to a point where I’m just playing with a guy’s energy… an elevated sexual experience. I was told I can stimulate all chakras, entering through the root chakra

  6. Bootyswerve wOa

  7. tee hee dummy

    suk my fuk

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  8. I guess guys with boyfriends aren’t supposed to answer you back right away…


  9. "spoopykatee: my mom just said “watch this” then ran a red light and said “i just don’t care”"
  10. This is fuckin hot. I need to get buff enough to do this to someone

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  11. thatjackpot:


    Yellow bone

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    gimme that bootay

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  12. lvmrsmn:




    lmfaoo is it really that hard to pee with morning wood

    Women will never know^^

    I’m all about that portal life.

    Honestly, I just go into the bathroom and pray God takes the wheel.

    tha fuk? DONKEY KONG

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  13. You already know…

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  14. If you eat ass I got a big plate

    You should know, I lick the entire plate clean when i eat

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  15. mecchocolat:

    Tony’s Hole
    Tony Michaels

    There’s Tony’s hole for the taking. Now tell the truth, don’t you want to push Mr. Saukei out of the way so you can have Tony all to yourself?

    Tony Michaels ass so fuckin fat, you spread his fluffy white ass and that tasty pink hole is still hidden inside some more skin. I love that

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