1. It’s morning now…

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  2. When we cam and I tell you to show off that ass for me

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  3. thug-gifs:

    Freaky Mutha Fucking J

    I needa get laid… fok

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  5. blackboyaddictionz:

    Michael has updated the site with the scene you’ve all been waiting for. Freaky J gets his cherry popped as Michael Galletta fucks him for the first time…RAW!

    Watch Lapdance With Benefits Part 2!

    Just watching the preview made me bust

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  6. I need fat ass in my face, like, now

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  7. curatedeyeful:

    A Revealing Messenger: Kevin Warhol has a delivery for Colby Keller in Jake Jaxson’s “Talk to Me.” (Source video: Cockyboys.com, nsfw.)

    ahh, I love it - totally blew my load to the trailer ~ whoops

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  8. Anonymous said: sit on my face



    pretty sure i did this

  9. Makes sense! 

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  10. unclefather:

    how to kiss a boy

    1. grab his waist
    2. slip your hand in his pocket
    3. steal his wallet
    4. dont even kiss him
    5. just run

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    sometimes i like girls titties

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    1. my 18 year old brother while standing in the ocean: there's so much water
  12. Ultimate fantasy… well, one of them, anyway

  13. Look at the back of this guy’s fuckin underwear!!!

    I love when guys wear shit like this for me, it’s so fuckin hot
    Makes me want to just watch, then tear them to shreds

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  14. That’s sum real science going on there

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