1. houseofm2:

    Julian Serrano

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  2. I need some ass in my face so fuckin bad

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  4. mpaglialonga:

    Ma booty

    Beatiful ass. I wanna jiggle the *fuck* out of it

  5. dewittdailydoesit:

    Marcus Mojo + James Jamesson = BONERS FOR EVERYONE.

    Why the fuck is there a dog barking in the background? lol

  6. I’d gladly trade all them other hoes for you

  7. I love where we get to a point where I’m just playing with a guy’s energy… an elevated sexual experience. I was told I can stimulate all chakras, entering through the root chakra

  8. Bootyswerve wOa

  9. tee hee dummy

    suk my fuk

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  10. I guess guys with boyfriends aren’t supposed to answer you back right away…


  11. "spoopykatee: my mom just said “watch this” then ran a red light and said “i just don’t care”"
  12. This is fuckin hot. I need to get buff enough to do this to someone

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    Yellow bone

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    gimme that bootay

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    lmfaoo is it really that hard to pee with morning wood

    Women will never know^^

    I’m all about that portal life.

    Honestly, I just go into the bathroom and pray God takes the wheel.

    tha fuk? DONKEY KONG

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  15. You already know…

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